Thank You, Heroes!
I owe my heritage to those heroes who gave their all,
Those who for the cause of freedom, answered duty's call.
Those men and women who went away and never came back;
They rose to the challenge, pressing on

though the sky was black.
Black with the smoke of spent guns, bombs, and enemy fire.
In the face of death, they strove to hold their flag up higher.
I owe deepest respect to those who came back, missing parts.
Their bodies scared and battered, broken, yet~
with thankful hearts.
Hoping to go on with life, though fearing rejection's blow,
Looking for acceptance among those who may never know~
What it means to sacrifice~freedom's enormous cost,
Nor have even stopped to think…
"what if that war were lost?".
Thank you, heroes, of all the battles, of all the ages!
Though men may not know you,
your names are on Sacred pages.
Your faithfulness has been noted by HIM of Highest Rank.

When the roll is called in HEAVEN,
each soldier HE will thank~Those who served HIM to stay the force 
of evil in their land. Take your place in the Celestial Host 
and valiantly stand!

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