Psa 66:2  "Sing forth the honour of HIS name: make HIS praise glorious." 

Glorious praise I give, O great GOD of grace.
ORD of life, loving-kindness etched in YOUR face.
Omnipotent! Only ONE worthy of praise.
Righteous, Redeemer of this rebellious race.
I lift my voice in honor of THY dear name.
Owing nothing, in tender mercy CHRIST came
Unto utter submission, ultimate price.
Salvation secured by supreme sacrifice.

Promise of pardon, protection, and sweet peace.
Restored relationship, rebel rule release
Anchored firmly in YOUR love, nothing alarm.
In CHRIST forever, invincible from harm.
Safe in YOUR sovereignty, sheltered from all ill.
Eternal enjoyment in THY perfect will!


Thank You, Heroes!
I owe my heritage to those heroes who gave their all,
Those who for the cause of freedom, answered duty's call.
Those men and women who went away and never came back;
They rose to the challenge, pressing on

though the sky was black.
Black with the smoke of spent guns, bombs, and enemy fire.
In the face of death, they strove to hold their flag up higher.
I owe deepest respect to those who came back, missing parts.
Their bodies scared and battered, broken, yet~
with thankful hearts.
Hoping to go on with life, though fearing rejection's blow,
Looking for acceptance among those who may never know~
What it means to sacrifice~freedom's enormous cost,
Nor have even stopped to think…
"what if that war were lost?".
Thank you, heroes, of all the battles, of all the ages!
Though men may not know you,
your names are on Sacred pages.
Your faithfulness has been noted by HIM of Highest Rank.

When the roll is called in HEAVEN,
each soldier HE will thank~Those who served HIM to stay the force 
of evil in their land. Take your place in the Celestial Host 
and valiantly stand!


A Thousand Mercies!

Today I concluded my personal "look at" Ps. 119 which began before the New Year. I feel, though, I have not even scratched the surface and MUST take a closer look. Today also in Spugeon's  morning meditation "Mighty To Save" the thought "What a thousand mercies I have not found HIM to be mighty to destroy" caught my heart.  Yes, what a thousand mercies upon me who fails HIM miserably at times, far too often!  Indeed, what a thousand mercies!  Thank YOU LORD for saving my soul!  Thank YOU LORD for YOUR daily, even hourly...moment by moment putting up with me.  Oh GOD how longsuffering YOU are towards me.  I love YOU LORD!  Thank YOU!!!!!

A Thousand Mercies

What a thought, that HE is so FULL of mercy
towards HIS wayward child.
A thousand though, I fear, short of reality,
way too mild!
More than a trillion now,
HIS mercies towards me, much to my shame.
Yet HE in mercy for me
took upon HIMSELF all the blame!
HE bares the marks of suffering far beyond my comprehension
Paying the debt I could NEVER pay, HE won my redemption.
Indeed "a thousand mercies" possibly many more in an hour~
O ALMIGHTY GOD, how awesome YOUR  great mercy and YOUR power!~LCS


Hebrews 10: 23&24
"Let us hold fast the profession of our faith 
without wavering;
(for HE is faithful that promised:)
And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works"


If JESUS Was Born Today

by: Linda C. Smith

If you heard the news of JESUS’ birth

as the shepherds did that night

Would you drop what you were doing

and rush to see the wondrous sight?

Would you hurry

to the nearest Best Western and ask, "where is HE?"

Only to find HIM,

in the old shed out behind parking lot three?

I'm sure the bleating of all the sheep

would be "disturbing the peace",

Would their meeting be illegal

and their display ordered to cease?

After all, you can't have a "Nativity"

in a public place,

But Satan and his reindeer

can occupy almost any space.

And “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

is most surely bound to offend.

The Evil Liberties Union wants

all sacred singing to end…

So all sorts of clanging, banging,

moans and groans can be heard instead.

What they call music must make

the Heavenly Host shudder with dread.

What of the wise men who traversed afar?

… stopped at the border, I’m sure…

Delayed by the authorities because of the elements they bore.

Can you imagine “CIA” scratching their heads

…gold, frankincense, myrrh?

Could these be mixed to create a bomb?!!!

…surely would cause quite a stir.

What of the house where HE briefly sojourned?

Zoning would have a fit there.

They would need an act of congress

to host the wise men with gifts so rare.

After all the taxes,

could poor Joseph and Mary take HIM and flee,

To live and establish

a Carpenter Shop in another country?

The further I go with these lines,

the more absurd this would be today.

I’m so glad HE came when HE did

…somehow it all sounds better that way.

GOD in HIS infinite wisdom

chose the time and place most suitable

For the birth of HIS SON

…the fulfillment of HIS WORD immutable!


Excerpt From "Seasons"

Golden orange, deep red, dots of brown and green,
Splashes of splendor all around are seen,
The magnificent hues of Autumn's dress,
The leaves blend their grand finale to bless.

The seasons of life come and swiftly go,
The gift of time is GOD's grace to bestow.
What is done for HIM will bring rich reward.
May all your "seasons" be blessed by THE LORD!