A Thousand Mercies!

Today I concluded my personal "look at" Ps. 119 which began before the New Year. I feel, though, I have not even scratched the surface and MUST take a closer look. Today also in Spugeon's  morning meditation "Mighty To Save" the thought "What a thousand mercies I have not found HIM to be mighty to destroy" caught my heart.  Yes, what a thousand mercies upon me who fails HIM miserably at times, far too often!  Indeed, what a thousand mercies!  Thank YOU LORD for saving my soul!  Thank YOU LORD for YOUR daily, even hourly...moment by moment putting up with me.  Oh GOD how longsuffering YOU are towards me.  I love YOU LORD!  Thank YOU!!!!!

A Thousand Mercies

What a thought, that HE is so FULL of mercy
towards HIS wayward child.
A thousand though, I fear, short of reality,
way too mild!
More than a trillion now,
HIS mercies towards me, much to my shame.
Yet HE in mercy for me
took upon HIMSELF all the blame!
HE bares the marks of suffering far beyond my comprehension
Paying the debt I could NEVER pay, HE won my redemption.
Indeed "a thousand mercies" possibly many more in an hour~
O ALMIGHTY GOD, how awesome YOUR  great mercy and YOUR power!~LCS

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