If JESUS Was Born Today

by: Linda C. Smith

If you heard the news of JESUS’ birth

as the shepherds did that night

Would you drop what you were doing

and rush to see the wondrous sight?

Would you hurry

to the nearest Best Western and ask, "where is HE?"

Only to find HIM,

in the old shed out behind parking lot three?

I'm sure the bleating of all the sheep

would be "disturbing the peace",

Would their meeting be illegal

and their display ordered to cease?

After all, you can't have a "Nativity"

in a public place,

But Satan and his reindeer

can occupy almost any space.

And “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

is most surely bound to offend.

The Evil Liberties Union wants

all sacred singing to end…

So all sorts of clanging, banging,

moans and groans can be heard instead.

What they call music must make

the Heavenly Host shudder with dread.

What of the wise men who traversed afar?

… stopped at the border, I’m sure…

Delayed by the authorities because of the elements they bore.

Can you imagine “CIA” scratching their heads

…gold, frankincense, myrrh?

Could these be mixed to create a bomb?!!!

…surely would cause quite a stir.

What of the house where HE briefly sojourned?

Zoning would have a fit there.

They would need an act of congress

to host the wise men with gifts so rare.

After all the taxes,

could poor Joseph and Mary take HIM and flee,

To live and establish

a Carpenter Shop in another country?

The further I go with these lines,

the more absurd this would be today.

I’m so glad HE came when HE did

…somehow it all sounds better that way.

GOD in HIS infinite wisdom

chose the time and place most suitable

For the birth of HIS SON

…the fulfillment of HIS WORD immutable!

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