From Rags To Riches

CHRIST, THE ETERNAL SON OF GOD, Came to this sin-cursed earth~merely created sod,

What abject humility! GOD to stoop so low!
What greater expression of love could THE LORD show~

Than to meet the demands of sin's just punishment, By HIS supreme sacrifice for my atonement?

CHRIST came to live, suffer, and die for me to rise,
A step lower than angel's position of prize!

What exultation for mere dust to rise so high!
How HE loved one so unworthy~sinful as I!

My mind can not fathom the depths of HIS great plan,
To reach down so low to elevate fallen man!

Once as filthy rags, putrid, and worthless to HIM,
Now redeemed man stands purified, pardoned from sin,

Reflecting HIS Glory, shining gems in HIS sight,
A fragrant tribute of praise to HIS pure delight!

~October 3, 1999~

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  1. Amen and amen, very good Linda, looks nice just keep adding stuff and your blog will be a hit right off. Hugs my friend Barbara